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Let's Go, Puppy!
by Holly Rosensweig

A baby speech book that encourages early words.



You_Me-Full book_edited.jpg

You and Me
by Caley Nunnally

A children's book promoting perspective taking skills.


Oscar Goes to the Moon is an award-winning children's book based on folklore. Adorable illustrations and heart-warming illustrations tell a story of never giving up on your dreams.

Blast Off this Summer with
Oscar Goes to the Moon

A whimsical story of fulfilling your dreams.


Jane Kim
Amy Barnum

Ava's Triumph
by Mary E. Miller & Linda Woo

A heartwarming story of resilience.


Jane Kim
Amy Barnum

Let's Talk Baby
by Stephanie Ciatti

A developmentally appropriate board book for babies


Jane Kim
Amy Barnum

Developed by a Speech Language Pathologist to support baby’s speech development from day one

Ninewise Publishing bringing The Babble Books Series by Stephanie Ciatti, SLP


Jane Stephens, founder of non-profit Ninewise Publishing offers baby and children's developmentally appropriate books written by SLP experts to promote early speech and development.
Non-profit Ninewise Publing founder offers baby and children's books that focus on development from experts.
Jane Kim
Amy Barnum

Co Founders aim to fill gap left by traditional publishing companies

Ninewise Publishing Launches with a Mission to Share the Wisdom of Parenting


Ninewise Publishing is an independent children's book publisher that strives to share the wisdom of parenting with a focus on birth to age five. We curate authors that offer expertise, knowledge, and experience to promote a culture of learning, enjoying, and inspiring among parents and children. Our collection of books will inspire development, education, and culture for babies and children.

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