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Ava's Triumph, A New Children's Book 
(A heart-warming story of resilience and community based on a fantastic creative collaboration)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (April 6, 2022) - Ninewise Publishing introduces a beautiful children's book that shares a heart-warming story of resilience and community for young readers below age ten that is a culmination of collaboration between two Silicon Valley women. The story is paired with a miniature world hand-crafted with artistic attention to every detail. Ava's Triumph is an adorable pairing of intellectual and creative art.

Mary E. Miller and Linda Woo bring years of creative and life experience to life. Mary is an artist exploring the joys of being human by inventing worlds from daydreams. Her ideas grow in her garden, where Nature offers astonishing flora up through the soil. The colors, scents, sky, trees and pesky creatures inspire her unique mixed-media forms—from paintings to delicate hand-sewn textile creatures. Mary lives in California with her husband, celebrating life’s beauty.

Linda is a dedicated lifelong learner with curiosity about the world from humanities to STEM including language, travel, technology, and music, but nothing is more captivating to her than the human experience. She lives in California with her husband and daughter enjoying a never-ending conversation of all things. The process of creating Ava’s Triumph involved a yearlong, creative collaboration between Mary and Linda. Discover more captivating behind the scenes description and photos at

This pro-social story follows Ava, a young bunny and artist, through a trial of mishap and triumph that demonstrates resilience. The characters and sets will engage young minds beyond the text and inspire creativity. Ava's Triumph offers an engaging story time that will promote resilience and creativity for any child and has been so well received by a wide audience of children, educators, and literature enthusiasts.


This sweet tale shows how a disappointing misfortune can be transformed with creativity, imagination, and hard work. Preschoolers and other young children will understand Ava’s initial distress after the soccer ball accident but may also be inspired by her positive attitude and her determination to solve a problem. - Kirkus Reviews

The illustrations of this very special picture book are full page, full color photographs using stuffed animals. This combination of image with storyline is remarkably effective as entertainment with an underlying and inspiring moral message about personal responsibility and perseverance. "Ava's Triumph" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool, and community library picture book collections for children ages 1-4. - Midwest Reviews

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Ava_She turned and looked at her picture wall.jpg
Linda & Mary creating Ava's
Interior page from Ava's Triumph

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