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Curating wisdom for parents

We have 9 children between us - our 9 "why's" - that inspire Ninewise.   Our collective experiences and perspective about parenting young children motivated our desire to share wisdom with young parents and amplify positive family culture.


Gosh, we cherish those days and know how fast they go. Every nugget of wisdom to promote a culture of learning, sharing, and inspiring goes a long way. We are excited to provide a reliable source of parenting perspective based on experience and hope you benefit from our hindsight. Enjoy our collection of books for baby and children.

Jane Kim

As a second grade teacher, my goal was always to inspire learning by creating genuine interest and excitement in the classroom. I found that learning by doing is always the best way to inspire young children. As a mother of four, I loved watching my kids find “their thing” that motivated them, but also realized that so many learning opportunities happen in the snippets of time and endless number of small interactions you share with your child. This is magical, but also can be quite overwhelming! At Ninewise, we want to help young parents and caregivers enjoy these magical moments of interaction with their children by providing literature resources that are meaningful as well as fun. Time goes so quickly. Let’s cherish every moment of these early years!


Jane Kim
Co-Founder, Ninewise Publishing

Jane Kim, Founder of non-profit Ninewise Publishing, baby speech and development books.

Amy Barnum

As most parents know, curating ideas, perspectives, and knowledge around parenting is a constant job that can feel overwhelming in the daily routine with young children. Taking a step back to research and inform a parenting framework is not always possible. I want to provide reliable curated knowledge and information with parents of young children to support their experience, so they can focus on the joy and love. As a mother of five children, I enjoy gathering input from experts, parents, and my own experience. Hopefully, a young family benefits from my sharing the nuggets that enhance the parenting experience.

Amy Barnum
Co-Founder, Ninewise Publishing

Amy Barnum, founder of non-profit Ninewise Publishing offering baby speech and development books written by experts.

Kelly LeGrand

Ninewise Publishing's mission resonates deeply with my personal aspirations, as it aligns perfectly with my dedication to imparting the wisdom of parenting and nurturing early childhood development. The collaborative approach with authors who possess pediatric expertise, research background, and personal experience underscores the commitment to providing a strong foundation for parents to shape their unique parenting perspectives. With a captivating collection of baby books and children's literature tailored for those under six, Ninewise Publishing focuses on fostering speech and cognitive advancement through age-appropriate content. This dedication to early learning is crucial, as it sets the stage for a child's lifelong journey of discovery and growth.

Originating from a bustling family of 12 siblings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was nurtured with values of camaraderie, hard work, and determination. Growing up as the 10th child, these experiences instilled in me the significance of mutual support and unwavering determination. As a devoted spouse and parent of three vibrant children, I draw continuous inspiration from them. Through over thirteen years of service as a special education teacher in Milwaukee's North Shore area, I've gained profound insights into the transformative power of education. This role has been immensely rewarding, allowing me to positively influence the lives of my students.

Although my current teaching role differs from public school settings, my passion for education remains resolute. Recognizing the vital role of early intervention and guidance, I've undertaken the mission of empowering parents and caregivers with the necessary tools, wisdom, and joy to nurture language and reading skills from the very beginning. This belief is etched close to my heart – the understanding that the groundwork we establish today will lay the foundation for a brighter future.

A delightful anecdote from my past underscores the reasons behind Ninewise's creation. Teaching swim lessons to the founders 9 children, the 'why' behind Ninewise was formed, serves as a heartwarming reminder of how life's various threads interweave to shape our life's journey. I'm thrilled to be with Ninewise Publishing this remarkable path toward fostering early language and reading development. Together, through concerted efforts, we have the potential to create a meaningful impact, one word at a time.

Kelly Legrand
Educational Marketing & Sales Strategist, Ninewise Publishing

Kelly LeGrand, Educational Marketing and Sales Strategist for non-profit Ninewise Publishing offering baby speech and development books for babies and toddlers.
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