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Our collection of developmentally appropriate books for children under age 6. We deliver quality books that promote development and engage the youngest readers!

Ninewise Publishing, non-profit offering developmentally appropriate children's books written by SLP experts for babies and toddlers ages 0-6.
You and Me promotes perspective taking and empathy by celebrating differences. SLP author and expert Caley Nunnaly offers tips to teaching perspective taking and acceptance.

You and Me

by Caley Nunnally

Let's Talk Baby

by Stephanie Ciatti

Let's Talk, Baby board book promotes baby speech with tips by SLP author Stephanie Ciatti.
Let's Go Puppy board book encouages early words and offes tips from SLP author and expert. Award-winning new baby board book!

Let's Go, Puppy!

by Holly Rosensweig

Ava's Triumph

by Mary E. Miller and Linda Woo

Ava's Triumph children's book teaches resilience and self-reliance through difficulty. Young readers will be captivated by the exquisite mini crafted world.
Oscar Goes to the Moon is an award winning children's storybook based on a folklore story. Adorable illustrations provide a heart-soaring lesson to never give up on your dreams!

Oscar Goes to the Moon

by Helen Tanner

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