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Ava's Triumph is a pro-social story for young readers promoting resilience and self-reliance in difficulty. Beautiful photography of hand-crafted miniatures.

Ava's Triumph
by Mary E. Miller and Linda Woo

Ava's Triumph is an engaging story of resilience and empathy. Ava's Triumph tell the story of a young artist overcoming an unfortunate mishap. Heartbroken, Ava pushes herself to overcome the setback with dignity and hard work. Ava's final painting is a triumph of her own, celebrated by the heart-warming support of her community. An exquisite and captivating artistic creation created by two Silicon Valley women as an iterative collaboration in material art, photography, technology, and story-telling to create a pro-social book for young children.  The intelligence, love, and thoughtfulness poured into this book radiates.

Mary E. Miller, San Francisco based artist. Linda Woo, Silicon Valley Mom author and creator.

About the Authors

Mary is an artist exploring the joys of being human by inventing worlds from daydreams. Her ideas grow in her garden, where nature offers and astonishing flora up through the soil. The colors, scents, sky, trees and pesky creatures inspire her unique mixed-media forms - from paintings to delicate hand-sewn textile creatures. Mary lives in California with her husband, celebrating life's beauty.

Linda is a dedicated lifelong learner with curiosity about the world from humanities to STEM including language, travel, technology, and music, but nothing is more captivating to her than the human experience. She lives in California with her husband and daughter enjoying a never-ending conversation of all things.

Visit Ava on instagram or her site for behind the scenes, blogs, & more...

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