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Let's Talk Baby by Stephanie Ciatti 
(Developed by a Speech Language Pathologist to Support Baby's Speech Development from Day One)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (October 14, 2021) - Ninewise Publishing, an independent children's book start-up based in Milwuakee, is on a mission to share the wisdom of parenting though developmentally appropriate children's books that amplify expert voices and content. Their first book, Let's Talk Baby, accomplishes that perfectly. 

The author, Stephanie Ciatti is a Milwaukee mom and nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist with extensive experience providing services in school, clinical, and hospital settings. The adorable book supports babies’ speech from day one with developmentally appropriate speech sounds to turn your baby’s babbles into words. Engaging and enjoyable for babies through toddlers. Even older siblings enjoy reading it for younger audience. Additionally, the tips page includes ideas and direction on engaging with your baby to ensure positive reading habits.


Ciatti is also a mom to three and a community advocate and entrepreneur - a truly passion-directed go-getter. Ciatti discovered the lack of quality speech development books for babies and toddlers while working with Marquette University researchers on the 2009 Wisconsin Reading Acquisition Program. After becoming a mom, she set to work developing a book that supports speech development in the early years while also providing guidance to parents.

Reviews from educators, parents, and caregivers are overwhelmingly positive with excellent endorsements from speech language pathologists searching for appropriate, engaging books for birth to three. Let's Talk Baby has beautifully filled a gap in the speech development arena for babies.

"I'm a Grammy. Let's Talk Baby is such an adorable book! The best part is the repetition and "baby babble" which is just what is needed to keep your baby (or grand baby) engaged and help develop their speech." 

- @jeatherhanereads, Grandma

"By reading Let's Talk Baby early in a baby's life, you can help stimulate language development while establishing a delightful routine of daily reading."

- Dr. Christina Englebert, MD, Pediatrician

"Let's Talk Baby promotes speech development and is a great tool for early language exposure and literacy skills." 

- Molly Goetzinger, Early Childhood Educator


Ciatti remains committed to babies and their moms. In addition to Let's Talk Baby, she runs Babbling Babes, a social group with the mission to connect young moms with positive, social outings planned for them. She also provides worksheets and advice to foster development of speech and language. Stephanie encourages and empowers parents to contribute to their baby's speech development and literacy habits.





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Interior page from Let's Talk, Baby
Stephanie Ciatti, SLP & Mom

Ninewise Publishing is an independent children's book publisher that strives to share the wisdom of parenting with a focus on birth to age five. We curate authors that offer expertise, knowledge, and experience to promote a culture of learning, enjoying, and inspiring among parents and children. Our collection of books will inspire development, education, and culture for babies and children.

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