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Ninewise Publishing Launches with a Mission to Share the Wisdom of Parenting

(Co-Founders aim to fill  the gap in traditional publishing company offerings)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (April 28, 2021) - Ninewise Publishing, a new, independent children's book publisher, enters the market with a focus on children from birth to five years old and a mission to share the wisdom of parenting. Co-founders, Jane Kim and Amy Barnum have partnered to offer a collection of children's and baby books aimed at promoting a culture of learning, enjoying, and inspiring among young parents and children. The company is headquartered in the Pabst Professional Center in downtown Milwaukee.  

The co-founders noticed a gap in the market with traditional publishing companies missing meaningful developmental offerings for young children. Finding focused literature for young babies and children that is foundational to development, education, or even culture is rare. Ninewise Publishing curates authors and content that shares the wisdom of parenting young children. They will publish books that offer expertise and knowledge in a developmentally appropriate format for birth to age fives.  


With nine children between them, Jane and Amy add a wide range of experience and perspective to the parenting conversation and a personal understanding of content that offers a foundation for younger children. They will include non-traditional authors with valuable information to share. Even the name of the company indicates this is not a traditional publishing company and announces their mission to curate wisdom for parents. Jane and Amy honor their children as the inspiration for their venture and the company name, their "9 why's" prepared them to become "Ninewise" with a lifetime of parenting experiences. 


Co-founder Jane Kim remarked, "As a mom and education advocate over the last twenty years in Milwaukee and beyond, I have observed the challenge of collecting foundational literature and experiences for young children. I love the idea that we will help amplify the voices of authors that have valuable ideas and information." In addition to raising four children, Jane brings a background as a teacher as well as a long history of philanthropic education advocacy as President of the Stephens Family Foundation. She has supported and been involved with a myriad of educational programs including First Stage Children's Theater, United Community Center Early Childhood Center, Milwaukee Youth Arts Center,  and Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee.

Amy Barnum brings twenty-five years of experience in brand strategy and new business planning, as well as, her personal experiences raising five children. With multiple relocations across the US and even across the world, she has collected a wide-range of knowledge and perspective. "I am so excited to share wisdom with young parents. I love researching and learning about positive culture building through parenting. There is so much noise and distraction out there. We aim to provide a reliable source of books and information about education, development, and culture for young children and their parents.

Ninewise Publishing will be launching their first book offering this fall. They have collaborated with The Babble Books Series Author, Stephanie Ciatti, of Milwaukee, to publish her first book as a baby board book. "I am thrilled to work with Ninewise Publishing. Their mission is a perfect fit for my book and me as an author and community parent organization that provides easy access to knowledgeable resources." 


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Jane Kim, Co-Founder
Amy Barnum, Co-Founder

Ninewise Publishing is an independent children's book publisher that strives to share the wisdom of parenting with a focus on birth to age five. We curate authors that offer expertise, knowledge, and experience to promote a culture of learning, enjoying, and inspiring among parents and children. Our collection of books will inspire development, education, and culture for babies and children.

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