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Ninewise Publishing Supports 
(Developed by a Speech Language Pathologist to Support Baby's Speech Development from Day One)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (May 10, 2021) - Ninewise Publishing and Stephanie Ciatti, a Milwaukee mom and Speech Language Pathologist, are collaborating to produce a series of books under The Babble Book Series. The first book, Let’s Talk, Baby, supports babies’ speech from day one with developmentally appropriate speech sounds to turn your baby’s babbles into words. The Let’s Talk, Baby board book will launch in October 2021.


Stephanie Ciatti is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist with extensive experience providing services in school, clinical, and hospital settings. Ciatti is also a mom to three and a community advocate and entrepreneur - a truly passion-directed go-getter.


Ciatti discovered the lack of quality speech development books for babies and toddlers while working with Marquette University researchers on the 2009 Wisconsin Reading Acquisition Program. When Ciatti became a mom, she developed a book that supported speech development in the early years while providing guidance to parents. Her self-published book, Let’s Talk, Baby, has been well-received and attracted the attention of Jane Kim, Co-founder of Ninewise Publishing.


“When I read Let’s Talk, Baby, I immediately knew that this was something unique and foundational. As a teacher, mom of four, and an active education advocate, I was aware of the gap in the market for developmentally appropriate speech and language books for children under age 3 and Let’s Talk, Baby filled it perfectly. It will be even more impactful as a board book,” reflected Jane.


Ciatti is thrilled Ninewise Publishing has picked-up The Babble Book Series. She has begun development of the next books in the series and continues her outreach to young moms through her Babbling Babes social club. “Every mom deserves a community of support that lifts them up.”


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Stephanie Ciatti, SLP & Mom
Interior page from Let's Talk, Baby

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