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Welcome Spring

The energetic spring season is a great time to renew your parenting routines. Think big picture about your child and their well-being in various aspects: emotionally, socially, physically. And then reorganize the daily schedule and physical surroundings to shift activities. Small strategies can go a long way to refresh interest in areas that may have become boring this winter. During spring cleaning, rotate toys, books and personal items to shift the focus and bring new opportunity for curiosity and play. A basket of books and art supplies placed near the snack table may spark an interest to draw or read. Or hide a book under their pillow to discover at bedtime. The sunshine and warmth brings play opportunities and a whole new budding world right outside your door. Place a few outside toys and goodies near the door - bubbles, chalk, magnifying glass, balls, airplane, etc. Or play a seek and search game for budding flowers. Change the route to your daily activities and drive, walk, or bike past new scenes to notice and talk about. Spring is a time to renew!

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